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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Egyptian cell phones get no reception in heaven

In the bible there are many words that God uses as pictures to help describe a deeper truth.One of those words is Egypt.

I have always understood that when God uses this word in the bible it describes not only the physical nation of Egypt but it is a word picture for the world or worldliness. Meaning that as a Christian I never want to live loving the world. I never want to put the world before God. The world speaks of immediate pleasure and indulgence.

But this morning God opened my eyes to maybe a clearer view of this word. Beginning in Jeremiah chapter 46 we find God delivering a series of messages to the nations around Israel. Israel has already been taken captive because of their idolatry and God now turns His attention to the nations that encouraged Israels sin. and Egypt is the first nation God speaks to.

While most of what is said speaks to God's punishment, there in the midst of the message is a clearer description of Egypt than I have ever heard.

Jeremiah 46:17 (ESV) Call the name of Pharaoh, king of Egypt, ‘Noisy one who lets the hour go by.’

Isn't that kind of a strange name to give someone? Literally God is calling Egypt the "Noisy one who loves to kill time"

That is the characterization of Egypt -- and the world. It is one of the ways we can recognize the world: it loves noise, because it does not want to stop and think. And it loves to kill time, is always seeking ways to pass the time.

Think about how Egypt affects us everyday, even those who think that we are not worldly. Every day we seek to drown out the quiet with noise as we are uncomfortable in the silence. Music must be playing, TVs are on, Cell Phones constantly beeping and ringing. So many people I know can't rest without having ambient noise in the room. Even this morning in my prayer time I was drawn to a ticking clock in the living room telling me time was marching on and to get busy.

and Every day we seek to drown out our problems by killing time. Texting, TV, Video games and face book are not in themselves bad if used in a healthy manner. But when they are used to kill time, when time is wasted doing these things, time that could have been spent with God or family or Live people is forever gone.

and Everyday, our Egyptian lifestyle drowns out the still small voice of God.

Egypt only leads to slavery and bondage. (give up your cell phone for a day and see if your not in bondage to it)

God did not save us to live there, but with Him.
Go ahead, turn them off, Get Outside and Listen to the Voice of God.

Problem is, like the Israelites we prefer Egypt.


  1. When God gives any man wealth and possessions, and enables him to enjoy them, to accept his lot and be happy in his work -- this is a gift of God.

    Ecclesiastes 5:19

  2. I love it when I unplug from everything and just plug into God! That is my heart's desire and I really hate it when I let my phone or iPad distract me. Thanks for this reminder!!!