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Monday, September 10, 2012

Why, When, What

It was a good service yesterday but I think that we hit a chord when I started off with God hating people who hate the church. (Prov 16:19) as EVERY thing changed right after that. Heaviness when sin is involved is important as its the Spirit of God working through hard and hurting hearts. But today I want to change directions a little and ask some questions of our church.

Why does it take the Pastor to bring basic truths to our minds i.e. Loving others? (see last weeks posts "today I am hurting")

When will mature Christians stop focusing on themselves?

What does God have to do to accomplish His Mission. (See Revelation chapters 2-3 and pick a church)

How do You and your church want to be viewed from Heaven?

(If your going to comment, please state what YOU are going to do not what WE should do)

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  1. Actually Pastor, I thought yesterday's sermon was awesome... I was convicted. What I realized is that even something as seemingly "harmless" as an attitude that simply makes things difficult for those trying to do God's work, is actually showing "hatred" for the church. I see that more clearly now... I must work on that...