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Monday, September 17, 2012

Four Legged Chairs VS Five Legged Chairs

When I was working at the paper mill I noticed corporate craziness at its best. One day a crew came in and took all of the chairs away and replaced them with new chairs.
When asked what they were doing they replied that there was a lost time accident in the offices due to a four legged office chair and they were replacing ALL of the chairs with safer five legged chairs.

and it made me wonder.
#1 What kind of an accident can you have in an office chair that warrants total replacement of all four legged chairs?

#2 How funny it must have been to see that person fall back. (I know I'm sick)

#3 Do we do this in our lives?

Something doesn't go our way so we totally replace our way of doing something.
Someone hurts us and so we totally replace those around us.

On Sunday when I suffered that almost life ended or at least life altering injury, I considered replacing myself with someone else, but then I thought.........

If God called me to it, and pain is the result, maybe pain is a part of it?
If God called me to it, why should I cause another person pain by short notice replacement, because of my own Pain? (Chair replacement was not cheap)
If God called me to it, Pain becomes an indicator of my dedication to that call.

Christians will suffer hurt in the work of God. Its inevitable.
But when our pain causes others pain it its wrong and indicates that our dedication is more to our comfort than the work of Christ.

We should'nt need five legged chairs to do our job, when God has supplied four.
We just need to be careful and not lean back on them and if we do, get back up, get back in your chair, and get back to work.

And yes, if you see someone fall back in their chair, pray for them, pick them up, and chuckle later.

Thank you for your concern - I am better today and yes, it was funny

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