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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

I Am Hurting Today,

This past Sunday I had a conversation with an amazing young lady. She is full of fire! But as a younger person has some struggles.
Home, Heart, Happiness it happens.

But what broke my heart was this statement.......
"I haven't been coming because no one wants me to"

This didn't come from an adult who is whining because no one puts forth effort to chase them. Nor did it come from an adult who knows where we are but refuses to come until someone reaches out. You guys can GROW UP.

It came from a young person who has heard me say over and over and over again that no one who comes into these doors ought to feel alone. (Unless..see above note)
Yet sitting in her group, that is what she feels.

newLife, have we failed?


  1. All I can say is wow. This is so easily happens to alot of Teens. and I know I am guilty of it at least in the past but I know by a lesson learned that I dont want to be the church familes that turn there head.
    Our kids and all my extra kids are so very important. I have watched and prayed and no matter what we all need to teach not only the kids but the Adults. That people are important no matter what or where they are in life.
    There is a certain time in our life that I know that someone didnt step up I know that I would of lost at least one of my kids to the world. It breaks my heart to see the kids hurting and we let them know no matter what our home is open to them. We are trying to teach the adults that forgiveness is so important and no matter what love is what the kids need.

  2. This breaks my heart... I know how hard it is to be the kid who feels alone... I wish I knew who it was so that I could reach out to them, guess that means I am guilty for not doing my very best to make sure everyone feels loved and welcome... When I read this it makes me feel ashamed for not knowing exactly who it is...Praying they come back and I can reach out to them

  3. I feel like this at time. As the song says "100 mph in the wrong direction" not from lack of reaching out but I feel as if I simply don't belong. Not by any fault of the church or my lack of effort to join in, because I do actively participate in life groups, I volunteer in the church, however it feels as if no one notices I'm alive. I wish that I knew who it was do that we could support each other. I didn't grow up in church and this is a new experience in my life. I hope whoever it is can see there are people who want her to be here and would love to get to know her for her.

  4. Our teenagers and young adults are who will be leading the church in the future. We must love and nurture them and show them our love daily. We must nurture their faith and help them learn to apply it to their lives. I am touched that this young person was able to come forward and express these deep feelings - it means she hasn't given up on us yet. The Lord keeps pulling me to the older teens and young adults. I want to be one of us who helps them get through these tough times. I will be praying for this person. ~ Cindy Johnson