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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Seven Reasons Souls ought to be Important to us

#1 Hell
Hell is Hot, Hell is Real, Hell is Eternal.
And those SOULS who do not trust in Christ Sacrifice will go there being Judged by their works instead of His.
Revelation 20:11-15

#2 Heaven
Souls that turn from the rejection of God to acceptance of Him through His Son Jesus, cause Joy to happen in Heaven. If Heaven is Moved by Souls, so should our hearts.
Luke 15:10

#3 God
God created every living thing, especially the soul of man. He loves His creation, especially the soul of man. So much that He sacrificed all He had that souls might be saved. If Souls are that valuable to God, ought they not be to us?
John 3:16-17

#4 Jesus
He left heaven for souls. He came as a servant to save souls. He endured difficult situations for souls. He willingly gave His life for Souls. Without souls, Jesus never would have had to do any of that. This should be OUR mind as well.
Philippians 2:5-8

#5 Holy Spirit
He spends His time on earth trying to encourage souls to turn to God. If this is His biggest ministry, should souls not be ours as well?
John 16:7-11

#6 Church
The main purpose of the church is to be a light in a dark place. A light that attracts weary souls to the love of God through Jesus Christ who saves their souls.
The reaching of those souls is His Command to us and our Calling from Him.
Matthew 28:18-29, Acts 1:8

#7 Christian
Souls are our Life. They are what give us life, they are OUR life. Our Life ought to be about souls. Encouraging ours in Christ, Evangelizing theirs for Christ.

Souls are important.
Souls are everything.
Souls are in need of a loving Savior.

What have you done for Souls today?

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