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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Encouraging people are WANTED

I have to be honest, I hate discouraging people.
Don't want to be around them. Don't want to worship with them, don't want to serve with them, and definitely don't want to live with them.

Discouraging people are a drag on Life. They like to think their critiquing, when all they are doing is complaining. and all they really do is make people want to quit.

As I have studied my bible, the only people Jesus hung around who were discouraging was Peter and Judas.
One was humbled the other, hung.
Neither of them were proud of themselves.

I want to be with encouraging people.
It is a part of our culture at newLife.
Encouraging people are wanted people!

So this morning I am going to share a list of things you can do to encourage your family and friends.
Try catching them doing something right, and praise them for it.
I think you will be amazed at what happens.
  1. Give them praise for Great effort.
  2. Give them praise for a great attitude.
  3. Give them praise for punctuality.
  4. Give them praise for creativity.
  5. Give them praise for serving their spouse.
  6. Give them praise for courageous action.
  7. Give them praise for helping you succeed, win, grow, make progress or achieve the results you’re after.
  8. Praise them publicly whenever you can.
  9. Never lie. Never offer praise you don’t sincerely mean.
  10. Never think it’s your job to keep someone humble. Everyone has plenty of critical, mean-spirited and destructive people already doing their best to tear them down. Nobody needs your help to feel stupid, insignificant or worthless.
  11. If people really need a break, give them some time off. It will let them know they are truly appreciated.
  12. Be prompt. Appropriate praise is best when it’s timely.
  13. Reward some things with a “Thank You” note, other things with $1,000.00 check. Know the difference.
  14. Celebrate behaviors you value; affirm what you want repeated.
  15. Tell the rest of the family or friends or even the church when someone deserves praise.
That’s my list. Pick a few; try 'em out; encourage someone.

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  1. loved reading this this morning, all I can say is Absolutely! Have a good day Pastor...