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Thursday, April 7, 2011

If you were wondering, Hope has a sweet taste

Yesterday a group of us went to the Liberty to figure logistics for the children's ministry as well as the Music ministry.
It was exciting to see what could be.
It was exciting to see the excitement in their eyes of what could be.

Hope does that.
Its sweet to the taste.

But where I really notice it is in the sourness of those without Hope.
Our world has never been so hopeless.

People have lost hope as they are drowning financially.
People have no hope as they daily battle with those to whom they have vowed to love.
People live hopelessly because no one values them.

And for them to taste Hope, would be so sweet.

Jesus is that hope, and on Easter 2011 we are going to give them just that.
A Hope they have never had.

The Hope of the Resurrected Life.

Come share in the sweetness.

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