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Monday, May 21, 2012

The Changing Face of Christianity

This morning I was thinking about how Christianity has changed in just my short 49 years. So I want to share three things with you today about this issue.

#1 I remember when Every Christian went to Church on Sunday. Every one of them.
They never claimed to be a Christian and then do something else. They didn't chose a bible study during the week, nor did they play church at home. (home church), nor did they play baseball. Sunday was the Day they Celebrated the Lord of their Life and they did it corporately.

#2 I remember when Every Christian wanted to serve on Sunday. You didn't find many who showed up when they wanted and did what they wanted. It seemed to me that a mature Christian taught a Sunday School, had a bible study in their home during the week, or mowed the church lawn. Now we have professionals doing all of that because its too hard to get people to want to serve.

#3 I remember when Every Christian Worshipped on Sunday. Worship meaning giving God their best because of His WORTH. But to many His stock in their lives has plummeted. He's only value is a Bail Out when life With Out Him fails. Though as a child we sang Hymns, we sang at the Top of our Lungs, Talked about Him as the most important person in our lives, and Loved the Truth of His words.

While some of this is nothing more than reminiscing and there are a lot of things in my Church past that were not so good. I still believe that like Elijah God has some, maybe a smaller group, 7,000 or so, who still believe that Sunday is His day, that Serving is a Honor, and that our Savior is the most important thing in their Lives.

Lets be that Church.

Have a Great Week, P Rob

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