Jesus loves me this I know. Debra Wants me this I know. My kids appreciate me this I know. My church encourages me this I know. My Life Group cares for me this I know. Everything else I know, I will share with you.

Monday, April 30, 2012

What were you thinking........

Hey Lifers, you sure made a mess yesterday. Water pots laying around, spilling their vile water all over the carpet. It was an exciting day to say the least, but were not done.

After the service I talked with many who are still clinging to their water pots. They still believe its their best chance at life.They are so fearful that the water Jesus offers in trade will not be enough and I think even more would not know what they would do if they could live life without it.

So I am asking for some help this week. If there is someone you know who is still holding onto their water pot...
Pray for them to have the courage it takes to trust the word of God and drop it.
Spend some time this week pouring the everlasting water of your life over them letting them taste of its goodness.
And finally take a few moments to Praise God for what He has done for you, in you, and through You.

I know Life is right there for many, My Prayer is for it to be new for You.

Have a Great Monday



  1. I have thought time and time again that I have set down my water pot... a week goes by and I dont think of the past and how much it makes me angry and hurt... then a month goes by then two or three... and then BLAM someone says or does something that takes me back right back to the hurt resentment and insicurities... it doesnt take me long to "get over it" anymore but I just dont know how to not go there even for just a second... is that even possible? or will I always have a "flashback" when someone does something to trigger that hurt

  2. Awesome comment. I do not believe that the woman at the well ever forgot her past, but she chose to focus on the well.
    In my own life when the water pot comes up in my mind, I go to the well. I go to that place where Jesus knew me, loved me, forgave me, and saved me. And every time I go to there I am reminded of the day I dropped the water pot and then chose to leave it there.
    Hope this helped

    1. That helps tremendously!!! thank you

  3. I think that the first time you put it down is the most difficult because the enemy works so hard to have you believe the lie about why you need to carry it in the first place! the cool part is when you put it down things in life are going to happen and the enemy is testing to see IF your going to pick it back up. You see the enemy can not predict the future but he sure knows the past and if he can recreate the situation that caused the reaction in the first place he thinks he is doing good. You might be tested and pick it up for a second but in that second you will fill the weight and throw it off and say to the enemy "NO THANKS!" I believe he will keep trying until it no longer works...It is possible to learn the triggers and say to yourself "I have been here before and I know what this is and I choose to say NO" without all the emotion! It is an amazing journey and we grow along the way! Lynette

    1. Thank you Lynette!! that also helps... I can get a little hot headed and tend to react with loud angry words because I was suppressed for so long... But it does get a little easier every time to not react I just sometimes feel like I am failing when I do pick up that water pot and spill the stank all over everyone around me...

  4. water pot? mine was full of wast to put it nicely, the water of life is is clensing witch is great when i step in my old mess. the things that happend to me hurt yes,but after years of closure,forgiveness,and simply time in freedome,i realise im not the first nor the last.the important thing is to ask for clensing after stepping in my mess, move on, and be there to catch the the people god puts in my life that need his grace, love, and understanding.with out some one there for me in that moment god setup id still be drunk and angry . you hold on and let people love you and befor you know it you are loving and helping other and have no time to pick up that old bucket of whatever. im free whether i want to be or not,im free thank you Jesus for every thing,thank you New Life for bringing me befor Jesus .love you all