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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

We are getting there.....Are You?

As our church grows there are a number of changes personally and corporately that naturally must occur for growth to continue. One of the biggest ones is teamwork and so today I want to share a few things that I see happening as well as not.

#1 Chemistry.
We desire people who don't just love the work they do, but love the people they've been called to work with.
Without love the team will be dysfunctional.

#2 Load Lifters
We need people who are more concerned with "We" than "Me". This creates an atmosphere where saved people serve people rather than serving selfish people. We will not allow team members to pursue "Personal Preference" in dictating decisions.

#3 Open Environments
We want our ministry teams to feel as if they can speak the truth, in love, because we love the church and one another too much to allow team members to make a ridiculous decision.

#4 Embracing Discomfort
God has not given us the Spirit of fear and so we want team members to be more concerned with making God happy than people. So we will make the Right decisions for the church over the comfortable ones.

#5  Going Forward
The right people will not desire to maintain the status quo but will do everything we can to advance the cause.

#6 Strangers
I use that term loosely but true none the less. If we are going to keep growing we must realize that God will send us people that are from outside the norm. Each of them will have differing backgrounds, experiences, and life challenges different than our own. This brings in fresh hands and feet to do the work with us and encourages us to step out of our comfort zones.

#7 Big God, Big Dreams
We need to stay more obsessed with the dreams of what God could do, rather than living on the memories of what God has done.

As a Church we are working together to share the Love of God through Jesus Christ as well as show the love of God through each other and it will take Team Work to do His work.

Easter is coming, get on a team

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