Jesus loves me this I know. Debra Wants me this I know. My kids appreciate me this I know. My church encourages me this I know. My Life Group cares for me this I know. Everything else I know, I will share with you.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Two Things that Would Help

This morning I need your help.
Pray over this passage (Philippians 3:10)

Pray for People who Don't know Him or the Power of His Resurrection and that they would come Sunday.

Sunday is going to be Awesome


  1. This is so true! There is such a difference between "knowing Him" and "KNOWING Him" and that should be our prayer. This reminds me so much of what I read last night, Zech 12:10, that through the power of the Holy Spirit, we will SEE Jesus for what he really did for us, and that we can truely mourn what we have done, and then truely rejoice in Him! We will pray for devine understanding and revelation!

  2. Great message today! Although Jed was on duty his friend Pat who is hurting from recent divorce (less than a few months ago), lost and searching met me and the boys at the Liberty today. I spent the entire service praying he and others would be reached. He definitely heard the gospel this morning and heard some amazing testimonies of people just like him that Jesus resurrected. It meant a lot to me today to be loved by you and our church family with Jed being gone and us being across the country from our biological families. In NewLife, God has given me something just as wonderful....better!