Jesus loves me this I know. Debra Wants me this I know. My kids appreciate me this I know. My church encourages me this I know. My Life Group cares for me this I know. Everything else I know, I will share with you.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Its just a piece of wood..............

....but its heavy. The Cross that some Christians bear.
You know, the one they pick up so that others may know Christ.

Like the singers who give up Tuesday night every week.
Leaving their families at home so that they can encourage yours on Sunday.

Like the Pianists who work so hard several days a week so that they don't miss a note to throw off your worship of God with a discordant sound.

Like the Sound Guys, who even though they just got out of the dentist, still high on life yet hurting in mouth, come to practice so that they would not let others down.

Like the guy who works graveyard yet drags his tired body to practice without complaint to fill the monitors with his deeply moved voice.

Its just a piece of wood, a piece of wood that bore their Savior.
and they bear it so that the whole world may know Him.

Its just a piece of wood, but to them, its all they have

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