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Thursday, June 2, 2011

I was wrong again

This makes twice in my life that I was wrong. lol

I was not bummed from Sunday, but troubled as I felt that I didn't get the point across well. That maybe instead of God using my personality and person to share His truth, that my personality and person got in the way.

and so I blogged about it on Tuesday. And I was wrong

On Tuesday night I was talking to one of our church members whose been struggling in his faith life and has missed some church and he told me that he ran into one of the people who attended our services on Sunday.

This woman, who barely knows this family was a great encouragement. And her joy, and her excitement, and her love, came shining through so much that this man recognized that to have that type of loving person attend our church, that our church had become what he believed we were trying to become.

This woman, who is going through great difficulties herself, was sent on a mission by God, "for such a time as this"!

I love this Church!

I love that your proving my feelings wrong with your facts of faith.
I love that your living the word of God not being hearers only.
I love that Jesus is being shared by those who attend newLife.

I love being wrong!

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