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Saturday, September 13, 2014

Headline: Harleys Cause Cancer

I think.
Its the only Explanation.Yesterday I performed a memorial for one of my best friends who died of cancer at 50 and he rode a Harley. In a strange coincidence, today I am doing a wedding for the daughter of one of my best friends who died several years ago from cancer in his mid fifties, and he rode a Harley.

The only connection I can make is it must be the bikes. There must be something about freedom, clean air, and loud pipes that takes the best friends I have, too early.

Maybe its the bugs, yea the bugs are conspiring to kill us through their carrying of cancer and then upon impact at high speeds imparting that cancer through our faces.

Maybe the cancer comes through the air, just random cancer cells floating aimlessly that enter our body's through our leather. Yes maybe its revenge from all of the cows that have died to cover our bodies with protective equipment.

Or maybe its a conspiracy by Harley Davidson themselves and that low loud sound actually awakens normally quiet cells in our bodies and makes them go bad. Why would they do that? so that there would be more bikes sold as the old riders die off.

Or maybe its me. No that would be stupid. No maybe being friends with me causes Harley riders to develop cancer.

Or maybe its just that cancer sucks and it has nothing to do with Harley riders being a little crazy and friends of mine.

Yea, its just that Cancer Sucks and both of these amazing men just died too early and happened to be my friends.

Yea, that's it, Cancer Sucks but Jesus Saves and because of Jesus I'll see both of them again one day. So I'll keep riding as its not Harley's Fault.

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