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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Distance makes the Heart (of the Christian) more Fake not Fonder

I know that this sounds strange, but as I was crawling out of my comfortable bed and into my nice warm shower and then putting on my nice clean clothes the thought (from the Lord or not) came to me of how good most of us live. I have a place to lay my head every night, a way to feel clean every day, and a way to stay warm and comfortable. Every Day. I have eaten a semi healthy breakfast after sleeping 6 1/2 hours uninterrupted and not been bothered by people needed help.

And I thought of my wife. She is getting about two hours a sleep a night on the floor of a hospital waiting room, using wipes to stay clean, wearing the same clothes every day, eating a banana, and surrounded by suffering people from the moment she is awake to the moment she gets a little rest.

and Today...................
I will do ministry to comfortable people
She will be ministering to comfort people

I will speak to suburban kids whose parents can afford Christian school
She will speak to suffering kids whose parents can't afford medical care

I will celebrate our daughters 25th Birthday
She will celebrate a successful lung transplant

I will gather to play Christianity with spoiled saints
She will gather to pray with soiled aints.

I am the Pastor of a Church with Critics
She is a Missionary to the Critical Care

I am concerned with how much of a pain people will be
She is concerned with the pain of her family

Tonight I will climb back in my comfortable bed, she will fight for a space on the floor

Not sure how I am feeling about all of this

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