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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Try Listening

Margin ~ To create space in life

He (the Preacher) said that it was important to create margin for things that were most important. But I didn't listen. I came home and went to work and worked hard.

He (the Preacher) said that if margin was not created by you it would be created for you. But I didn't listen and margin came. The space that was created was from the emptiness of creativity.

He (the Preacher) said that when margin came, even on its own, I should live in it. But I didn't listen and closed up the margin. Too much to do.

He s(the Preacher) said that if I closed up the margin that was created by not creating margin myself the result would be burn out. But I listened to that. I've burned out before and it always hurts.

So I opened up that margin again.

I canceled meetings with people and spent meetings with God. He spoke, I listened. I spoke, He answered. It was the inspiration and information that I needed to live better and work smarter and make the space in my life more enjoyable.

And all I had to do was listen and create space in life for God.

Maybe I need to get my ears cleaned?

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