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Monday, February 10, 2014

Apples or Rotton Oranges

I don't mean to be so harsh but I have to say it. I HATE my Galaxy s4. I know I know its not good to hate, but I do. As an IPhone user for four years I was encouraged to try the Android System mainly because for some stupid reason Apple created the I Phone 5 with a tiny screen and I can't see it very well. But from the first day, I knew this transition was a wrong one and here is why.

#1 To do Anything with the Android you have to go through at least 6 steps to accomplish even the most simple of tasks. It reminds me of using my debit card at a grocery store and having to go through several screens just to purchase a $3 item. UGH.

#2 You can't pick the phone up without screwing something up. Literally, every time I pick it up I either erase an app, change a page, dial a number I didn't mean to dial, or send an empty text. I have even accidentally added photos to my background without understanding how they got there. Every swipe, drop of sweat, or gas bubble affects what happens on this phone.

#3 Yes, there are more apps available than the I Phone, but most of the apps are garbage and there is no clear way of knowing if the app is any good without downloading it onto your phone.

I never had any of these problems with my Apple Product. But it did make me think for a moment about the Church.

There are many churches just like the Android system.
To be a part of the church there are several hoops you need to jump through just to attend and no simple explanation how to navigate even the simplest of tasks.

You can't attend without offending someone. Literally every time you attend there is something negative about the experience. Its not intentional but it happens that either you offend or are offended.

Yes churches have many ministries as well as many activities, but most of them are garbage and there is no way of knowing if the activity is any good except you attend.

As soon as I can I am going back to the simple beauty of the I Phone. It was created to be a purposeful as well as powerful tool for mankind. And so was the Church.

Some may prefer the Android church, I'll stick with the 52 days of the Apple church.

A Purposeful as well as Powerful tool for mankind to connect with a God who seeks the simplicity of faith.

Steve Jobs was no fool.

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