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Monday, February 24, 2014

From the Shallows to the Deep

One of the greatest joys in the Gospel ministry is to see the difference Jesus Christ makes in the lives of those who know Him. Over the last few weeks I have been watching a young woman who came to us a few years ago and I wanted to share her story from my vantage point.

This woman came to us broken. Very broken. She was hurt deeply by a multitude of things but worst of all by religion. Her husband was at his wits end and his last hope of saving their marriage was to involve her in newLife. So we did.

The first thing I remember we did was connect her to a very mature woman in Christ who too had been deeply wounded but knew how to take that hurt and turn it into holiness. This mature woman's love and devotion pierced through the hurt of her broken heart and the healing began.

Over the next couple of years this newly healed young woman began to transform into the loving, kind, beautiful woman that had been hidden for so long. Her heart began to grow and grow but its one thing to live for Christ on the mountain top and another to live in the valley.

As it so happens one day that valley came. Her heart was hurt again and I wondered how she would process the pain. Would she go back to the protection of her past or would she press through in Christ. I wondered, Would she LIVE forgiveness and grace. I will be honest this is always a scary place for a Pastor and I was seriously concerned.

What happened? She navigated her hurt through a godly grace and a Christ~Like Forgiveness. On this side of her hurt I can with great assurance know that this young woman is no longer a student of a mature woman's Love and devotion but has become a teacher with a mature woman's love and devotion.

As her Pastor I am happy to know that her ability to navigate forgiveness has changed her life by  encouraging her marriage, enhancing her ministry, and honoring her Savior.

Through the work of many at newLife, She has gone from the shallow waters and rocky shores of her pain into the deeper things of God and I couldn't be more pleased.

3 John 1:4

 I have no greater joy than to hear that my children are walking in the truth.


  1. witch one there are so many I've witnessed making the same transformation? I love seeing first hand the work Jesus does in the hearts of his servants ! it helps me see what I over look or take for granted in my life .when I see and rejoice in his work for others, I am reminded if not shown the work he's done, or doing, or even more exciting the changes yet to come in me .the strive to be like our savior is the greatest joy I've ever imagined its a pleasure serving with the family of new life. keep growing, keep seeking, and keep loving .may Jesus grab you and hold you tight .God Bless

  2. this so touches my heart, and I am so very happy for her as well as her growth in Christ, Awesome Sj