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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

We have only..............

When George Simmons passed away, He left some books from His library to the church. To me you can learn a lot about a man by what is on his book shelf. Whether it was a gift or if he read it, I will never know. But what intrigues me is a book he had called Soul Survivor by Philip Yancey. While its not one I would openly recommend, (not good nor bad) there are a few quotes in it that have touched me.

This one especially from Martin Luther King as he was speaking to Richard Daley, Chicago's Mayor at the time who was trying to stop King from Demonstrating in his town.

     "Let me say that if you are tired of demonstrations, I am tired of demonstrating. I am tired of the threat of death. I want to live. I don't want to be a martyr. And there are moments when I doubt that I am going to make it through. I am tired of getting hit, tired of being beaten, tired of going to jail. But the important thing is not how tired I am; the important thing is to get rid of the conditions that lead us to march.
     Now, gentlemen, you know we don't have much. We don't have much money. We don't really have much education, and we don't have political power. We only have our bodies and you are asking us to give up the one thing that we have when you say, "Don't March." (From Bearing the Cross)

Kings speech changed Mayor Daley's mind.

We have only our bodies

We as a Church don't have much money
We as a Church don't really have that much education
We as a Church don't have political power

We have only our bodies
But according to the word of God, that is enough.

Martin Luther King gave his body so that a people could be made free and almost 50 years later, they are.

What we do today for God may not be seen tomorrow, it may take 50 years, but if we don't do something, we are giving in to our fears.
Martin Luther King was a reluctant leader who changed the world. God is looking for men and women who even in reluctance, will give their bodies as living sacrifices to free those in chains from sin.

We have only our bodies, lets use them to Gods Glory, you might be amazed at whose mind you change.

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