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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Do Things Rattle Around in YOUR Head?

Just something that's been going through my mind lately and I thought I would share it.
I have been watching Christians for quite a while now and there seems to be a season that many go through. Its the season of Low Expectations. Its the part of the Christian Journey in which we expect little from God.

Its as if there is a place in our minds where expectations sit.Like a little control center that operates the levers of interpretation and assumption that either unleash or choke our hopes and dreams.

When Low Expectations sits on that seat and pulls those levers, he is a little tyrant closing the valves of Vision, he dials down the voltage of hope, and cuts off the power of Action. Some are so entrenched in negative expectations that they have a hard time hearing the truth of God anymore.

Low expectations destroy the work of God through its hopeless view of the word of God.

But what happens when High expectations sits and pulls the levers of interpretation and assumption?

High Expectations Innovate.
High Expectations Persevere.
High Expectations Excite.

They open up the Valves of Vision, dial up the Voltage of Hope, and Empowers Action.

High Expectations Believe the Word of God and live it out to its Fullest

Jesus Himself said, "ALL POWER IS GIVEN UNTO ME, GO....."

Could you imagine a church filled with people who believed this and lived out the gospel with High Expectations?

I can and do, and if your a part of newLife Baptist Church, so do you.

Maybe this will stop the rattling.

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