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Friday, December 21, 2012

What do I think?

Its been a week since the horrific tragedy in Newtown Conn and the images of those heroic teachers and beautiful children are still rolling through my thoughts. The stories of pain and suffering of grieving families echoing in my mind and aching my heart.

We live in a world that is more than broken whatever that is.

But what makes it worse for me was one statement made by a Conservative ex-pastor talk show host who said that this tragedy was caused by taking God out of the Schools.

Made worse because he is dead wrong. This tragedy was caused by a dark world, one where we as followers of Jesus are called to be lights.

No Mr. Huckabee this is not a God out of the Schools issue, but I would argue that it is a God out of the church issue.

Jesus said that His word would be confirmed, not with more words, but with signs of His Power.

The church stopped believing in Miracles Mr. Huckabee. The Lame stay lame, the deaf stay deaf, the blind stay blind, and the dumb, well they sit in the pew hunkered down singing about Jesus hurrying up and coming back.

We have ceased to be a place where the Power of God is experienced against the demonic but have become a place where we talk about how it used to happen.
Churches and Pastors don't fight with the Devil, we are too busy fighting with bitter church members who complain about the music, the coffee, and decisions that they do not like.

No Mr. Huckabee, God never said He would be in the Schools, but He did expect to be in the Church and that is where I am starting. and maybe by the light of Jesus shining on a broken young man, what happened in Newtown won't happen in Astoria.

One Soul at a Time.

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