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Monday, December 22, 2014

Never thought I would say this but...............

......there are some things we can all learn from a hairdresser.

Kallie Linder from without knowing it nailed what real ministry is like. Go to her site to read her take but I am going to steal a few things to encourage you in ministry.

 Being good at cutting and coloring hair doesn't make you a good hairdresser.
.....and Being good at ministry doesn't make you a good Minister.

You also need good communication skills, a listening ear, a drive to exceed the standard and the ability to sometimes perform miracles. You have to want to be and do better than the license (ordination) you receive.

It's harder than it looks.
....Ministry is harder than it looks.
Formulating, working haircuts out in your head, removing box black hair color that a client tells you they've only done "once" and it "washed out", lies.. don't lie to your hairdresser and black hair color NEVER NOT EVER washes out.
Counseling, Cleaning up lives, and constant lies. Don't lie to your Pastor even if Jesus can wash your black sins away.
It's emotional
If you're lucky enough to have clients come back to your chair year after year you become attached.
You become friends.
A bond of love is formed.
You walk through different seasons of life from graduation, marriage, life, death and everything in between.
You become part of each others dash
Moments have taken my breath away as I've watch what once was just a little girl become a wife.
Tears have streamed down my face when learning of a dear clients death.
I've shaved women's heads bald, tears pouring out of them, as they prepare for the battle for their life.
I had no idea this would be part of it.
I could not describe it better.
It's rewarding
We have a gift and it can be used to help people be their best selves.
We have the ability to make cloudy days shine bright.
It isn't flexible
I know everyone thinks it is. It isn't It's true I make my own schedule, but it is still a job and in order to make money I must work real hours.
I am serious about this work thing even though it is a really super fun job.
This has in turn made me a scheduling freak.
Ministry is 24/7/365 and rest is required.
Working for yourself in someone else's salon isn't the same as owning your own salon.
I've always worked in lease salons which means I worked for myself.
This is a much easier way of doing things because you just worry about your own business.
Now that I am an owner of a salon I have taken on the task of worrying about my own behind the chair business as well as the business of the 7 other very talented women.
These are women whom I love and cherish.
I am never not working.
I am constantly thinking of how we can do better and be more efficient.
How I can help the other girls be successful too.
I research what is up and coming, trending, marketing, new methods, old methods.
You name it I am trying to learn about it.
By the way.. just because it is an "old" method doesn't mean it's not good!
Running business doesn't come easy to me and I don't love that part of it.
Wow I wish all church members felt this passionate about church ownership.
There are some things I don't love about our industry (ministry)
Like why some hairdressers (Churches) feel they need to bash other salons (Churches) or salon professionals (Ministers). Not only is this highly unprofessional, it isn't a reflection of the person you are bashing it is a reflection of yourself.
Imagine if we all worked together!
What if we shared what we knew instead of being a braggart?
What if we were brave enough to ask other hairdressers (Christians) for advice and not just the ones we know that live out of town?
What if salon owners (Churches) could get together and share ideas of what works and what isn't working?
What if we could do all that without fear of being looked down upon?!
The possibilities are endless
Because here is the deal we are all still different and bring different things to our clients.
Even in our small town there IS enough business for everyone.
TOGETHER we could rid the world of black box dye (Sin) and over processed blond hair! (Religious fakes)
I think we have the power to change the image of how
 hairdressers (Christians) are thought to be catty gossips'
The power lies within us.
Thank you Kallie for reminding us that we are in the people business and serving THEM is what we are called to do. I know that is what you were thinking. Lol
Blessed is Me to have you a part of our life.

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